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Cleaning Sink


At YQP Cleaning Services, we take the extra precaution needed to ensure the details of your home, business, or commercial property are exceptional and beyond your expectations.


We strive to continuously improve our cleaning methods, products, and more to stay up to date with current protocols/guidelines.


The promise is that each day you walk into your home and/or commercial property, you will be able to answer the question yourself, which is Why YQP’s cleaning service is the number one choice.



Yasmine Quinones

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Yasmine Quinones has several years of professional cleaning experience. The idea of her cleaning business was conceived from a small side job she pursued to help her friends when they were unable to maintain a clean apartment on their own. She tackled general cleaning tasks, including making beds, vacuuming, polishing furniture and metal fixtures, scrubbing, and stocking supplies in order to make their dorm rooms/apartments pristine. 


Prior to graduating from the illustrious Bethune Cookman University, she worked in the college housing units as lead janitorial staff. Through this role, she learned how to operate cleaning equipment, tools, devices, and chemical agents to efficiently perform duties and reduce harm to floors, fixtures, staff, and the environment. She was responsible for overseeing the maintenance/clean up of large events and worked closely with event planners to ensure that the cleaning process before and after each event would allow for a seamless flow of their itinerary. Following her time in Daytona, Yasmine also worked for two years as lead janitorial staff in a residential complex in Dade-County, where she assisted with move-in and move out cleaning processes. This increased her cleaning efficiency as she had to work diligently to turn over clean vacant apartments to new residents at check-in. Over the past year, her experiences have increased her knowledge of cleaning, polishing, and sanitation procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Yasmine aspires to bring the best service to each client through authentic interactions with each client. It is her mission to provide a feeling of luxury to each client no matter the size or location of their home/property. 

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