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The Journey to YQP Cleaning Services

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Envision waking up early Saturday morning, taking that deep, long breath, sighing in frustration at your weekly routine. In my household, keeping the home clean was never an option. It was a very punctual system preformed on a weekly basis.

I never appreciated cleaning until I was in college when I decided to spread my wings and move into my first apartment. The vivid memory of the nightly walk through which I did to ensure the kitchen was clean, the dishes were washed, the front door was clean, the bathroom was tidy and everything in place was my everyday life.

My friends often joke about how much of a "grandma spirit" I had because it wasn’t only my house that had to remain squeaky clean, it was also theirs lol. The long talks I would have with my college friends explaining to them the value of cleaning up their apartments and dorms would be so funny to them. The clean aroma of fresh linen, the lemon zest aroma that came from a freshly cleaned bathroom and the counters of a beautiful, clear and fresh granite counter was something that always intrigued me.

My friends would study how to do their makeup properly while I would look up new ways to create at-home cleaning products from scratch. The obsession with cleaning was, in fact, real, but my fear of pursuing that field permanently kept me complacent for so long.

The day I told my parents I wanted to open a cleaning business in college, my mother was worried about me juggling a business and school.

It wasn’t the best idea at the time. Years went by and the vision of YQP Cleaning Services constantly disrupted my thoughts.

I am now in full progression of my dreams and goals. The feeling of home is what a clean house, business and establishment brings.

Embark on this journey as we promise YQP Cleaning Services will ensure "A Touch Of Perfection You Deserve"

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